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Brazil Gang-rape: Why We All Share Some Responsibility

Written By: Helene Josephides | Published: May-29-2016 | Category: Editor's Highlights
Tagged Under: Brazil, society, machismo, gangrape, violence, sexism, South America

Another gang-rape has been reported, this time in South America. A 16-year-old girl has been raped by allegedly more than 30 men in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ...

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Making peace in Syria: why everyone should be concerned

Konstantina Kostami January-17-2016

The brutality of Daesh, although a mere reality for a long time, became tangible the day of the Paris attacks. But how did this ideology spread so quickly and attract hundreds of people from Euro...

Caught in the Crossfire: Kurdish struggles with the Islamic State and Turkey

Barış Tuğrul January-12-2016

Guerrilla units of the Kurdish PYD administration are the most effective forces in the region, alongside Iraq's Kurdish Peshmerga army. These forces are struggling and gradually pushing IS toward...

Greece on the Edge

Dimitris Makrystathis July-04-2015

Tsipras’ referendum has a great importance for the country and will shape its future. The question is: Should the plan of agreement, which was submitted by the European Commission, the ECB, and t...

Because it’s Never too Late

Katy Ramírez January-26-2015

Political decisions always generate conflicting opinions especially when those who take them are two countries that were once very good allies who parted ways abysmally for decades ...

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"And no one would leave home unless home chased you to the shore"

- Warsan Shire


ARGO: Two Oscars and a Political Aftermath

Written By: Touraj Jafarieh | Published: March-18-2013

Argo tells the story of the escape of six Americans who left the U.S. Embassy in Tehran right before it was overrun, and were offered shelter by Canadian diplomats ...




Education: Universal Right or Security Issue

Written By: Touraj Jafarieh | Published: May-23-2014

In current world, where despite all the security controls, borders are dying slowly away, our societies are more integrated, and different cultures intermingle, education is vital to the task of acquiring the capacity to live together peacefully ...


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