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Barış Tuğrul

Barış Tuğrul



Barış Tuğrul is a researcher working at the Faculty of Communication at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. He is currently working at the University of Basque Country as visiting fellow. His main research interests are in political violence, ethnic and religious conflicts and conflict prevention strategies. Specific cases he has been dealing with are the Basque and Kurdish armed conflicts.


Ph.D in Political Sociology at Complutense University of Madrid and the EHESS Paris, M.A. in International Relations, M.A. in Sociology at Complutense University, B.A. in Communication Sciences at Ankara University.


English, Spanish, French, Turkish

Guerrilla units of the Kurdish PYD administration are the most effective forces in the region, alongside Iraq's Kurdish Peshmerga army. These forces are struggling and gradually pushing IS towards its so-called capital Raqqa in Syria, while simultaneously securing their own position. The more they consolidate their gains, the more they become increasingly undesirable for neighbouring Turkey

While thousands of refugees are desperately calling for further involvement and support from the international community, Kobanê, is resisting a ferocious siege by Islamic State (IS)

Erdoğan's landslide victory in 2001, with 35% of the general vote, was more than the charismatic image created and diffused by the main stream media and passionately defended

The first concrete steps declared in Abdullah Öcalan's historical message announced to huge crowds in Amed (Turkey's Kurdish province Diyarbakır) on  March 21st during the Kurdish Newroz celebrations have turned out to be a blossom of peace hopes throughout the Northern Kurdistan where a 30-year dirty war between the Turkish Military and the PKK guerrilla had cast dark shadows.

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 |  Friday, 08 February 2013 11:43

In the early 2013, on January 12, the Basque Country witnessed a huge demonstration against the isolation policy of the Spanish and French states with regard to political prisoners dispersed throughout the territories of both countries. Participation rate, around 115,000

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